Jason Garrett is a specialist executive search and market intelligence firm operating across the financial services industry.

The company strives to support all aspects of its clients’ strategies for hiring and talent management. These clients include banks, hedge funds, asset managers, other financial institutions, corporates as well as individuals looking to refocus their careers.

What differentiates Jason Garrett is the knowledge and experience of its principal directors: attributes acquired over many decades as a result of their extensive managerial careers in investment banking and commerce. This is especially relevant with respect to hiring and headcount management, the implementation and application of new regulation, growing or consolidating businesses, product sophistication, the use of e-trading platforms and the development of client relationships.

It is this background that ensures the relevance and quality of the company’s product, advisory and other service offerings as well as driving the company’s values of partnership, propriety and probity.

Practically, it is reflected in a proven process for hiring, the quality of execution, high closure rates, and excellent results measured by a range of other useful metrics.

Through its product offerings, corporate values, excellent delivery and execution and a commitment to unparalleled service, the company strives to maintain trusted partner status to all of its clients.

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