The global financial services industry has been subject to great changes over recent years arising from a combination of: new regulatory environments; challenging macro-economic and trading conditions; technological advances in product sophistication and trading platforms all giving rise to changing needs of market participants.

In turn these changes have placed additional responsibilities on search firms who must understand these challenges in order to serve their clients effectively. Jason Garrett Ltd aspires to be one of the hiring organisations who is able to respond to these challenges given the unique combination of its approach and skillsets reflected in the following:

  • Knowledge - a deep understanding of global markets gained through careers over many years
  • Experience - of active hiring and staff management both inside of investment banking and within a search firm
  • Advisory skills - with the capabilities to gather appropriate market intelligence and share useful insights
  • Process - and using the above to define an efficient hiring process
  • Execution - one which facilitates the smooth and effective closure of prospective hires
  • Results - giving rise to superior performance and results across a range of metrics

Using the above, we believe we are able to deliver both superior results and a service which is aligned to our clients’ needs thereby reducing the time spent by hiring managers on mandates and helping them to manage their hiring costs proactively.

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