Jason Garrett Ltd’s product and service offerings can be broken down into five broad areas:


  • Top tier sourcing using extensive connectivity across exceptional industry networks
  • Relevant mapping, benchmarking and referencing of candidate abilities and compensation
  • Evaluation of candidates not only for the necessary skillsets, experience and aptitudes for the role, but whether they are likely to fit the culture of the institution.
  • Possessing the experience and insights to put forward alternative candidates with other, more lateral qualities


  • Ensuring a full understanding of each client’s unique HR Department protocols
  • Effective marketing of the opportunity and institution
  • Managing the process of exit through to closure


  • It is a search on behalf of individuals utilising the same broad and deep connectivity and networks
  • It is designed to support those candidates who are looking to refocus their careers, or who may be looking to come back into the market place


  • The company both undertakes and arranges a broad range of training courses, presentations and coaching


  • Includes mapping of all kinds; industry research; competitor intelligence and benchmarking
  • Market opportunity analysis; client validation and perception studies; talent pool profiling; succession planning; compensation analysis and surveys; independent referencing; internal benchmarking and evaluation
  • Relevant HR and market-related updates


  • Staffing issues can arise outside of normal business hours, or may need speedy resolution – the company’s Directors are available whenever needed
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